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SWGT Token Private Sale continues!

Purchase SWGT at the lowest price - 0.13 USD. Available to a limited number of users. Hurry up and buy now!

In the vast and constantly evolving world of cryptocurrencies, the Smart World Global Token (SET) acts as a guiding star, illuminating the path to a future where blockchain will revolutionize life and work. With the start of the private sale of SWGT tokens at an exclusive rate of $0.13 per token, a deep journey begins, revealing the vast canvas of its universal use cases and the transformative impact it has on the cryptosphere.

Smart World Global Token is your personal key to the blockchain—based ecosystem.

This service token offers sustainable solutions for life by integrating blockchain into transportation and to work with the world's first zero-fee gaming platform. It is expected that each of the two projects will generate demand for the token with its use cases.

The global goal of SWGT is the implementation of blockchain solutions in transport and infrastructure complexes. This technology is going to be tested at uST Inc., a string transport and infrastructure complex in the UAE.

Sustainable WORK solutions, in turn, go hand in hand with a zero-fee gamified work platform based on the SWGT token.

Blockchain technology combined with the SWGT token works harmoniously to revolutionize the way freelancers do business by removing third-party trading platforms, and solves problems such as:– the practice of unfair commissions and withholding payments– unfair conflict resolution and blocking of platforms – discrimination based on ethnicity and nationality

SWGT raised $1.5 million in the seed round and continues negotiations with the UAE and global Web3 venture capitalists.

SWGT has a strong team: former Google and Microsoft specialists. The token has been successfully verified by the largest auditing company Web3 — Certik.

The audit confirmed that SWGT has no backdoors, and it is safe to invest in a smart contract.

Token sales and token generation are organized according to best practices. Firstly, the number of tokens is limited to 1 billion. Secondly, the team owns no more than 15% of the total output and has one of the longest breakage periods — more than 10 months! Tokenomics has a healthy structure with breakage and lockout periods for various token distributions, and tokens will be issued gradually to balance supply and demand in the market.

SWGT has been featured in major media outlets such as:Tradingview (Reuters column) ---- Business Insider ---- Yahoo Finance

On X ( Twitter) The SWGT page has over 34,000 active subscribers. And 23,000 thousand in Telegram 

The listings of Bybit, Kucoin, Gate and MEXC will appear in the first quarter of 2024.